Retro Christmas Hand Dipped Light Strand

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Probably my favorite all time color combo! I designed these to be reminiscent of colorful Retro strands and I couldn't be more pleased. A combination of red,blue,green and a magenta/purple toned hue. Take your tree to the next level this year! Please note,due to the time these take to make quantities are very limited.

This strand is on a brown cord perfect for mixing in with your florals, garlands, trees... Teeny lights are dipped on a brown cord to make a smaller dipped light. Once dipped the bulbs measure approx. 1/2" in diameter & approx. 1/2 - 3/4" long (excluding the tail on the end). They truly look like little candles on your light strand. 

These lights are dipped by hand, so the size does vary and so does the color and brightness from bulb to bulb as some will be dipped heavier than others.These lights are made for indoor use only. Cords cannot be connected end to end, however they can be "piggybacked" at one end. 

50 Count strand is approx. 12 ft long with 10 ft of lighted cord. 

100 count strand is approx. 19 ft long with 17 ft of lighted cord. 

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